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Specialty Conversions Range from Ostentatious to Austere
For more than 25 years, Gateway Coachworks has been serving clients as a full service commercial vehicle dealership.  Limousines, shuttle buses, executive coaches and an array of specialty vehicle options like hearses, personal security vehicles and prisoner transport vehicles, are all part of the offering.  But one vehicle niche in particular, SUV Limousine Conversions, provides customers with a wide range of customizable options that allow the end result to have the look and feel of a private corporate jet or the energy and vibe of a night club.
Stretch SUV limousines have been around for some time.  But advances in areas like lighting and electronics, have allowed custom coachbuilders to offer clients something truly unique and built to their exact specifications.  SUV limousines are primarily focused on Hummer limousines, Cadillac Escalade limousines and Lincoln Navigator limousines.  The choice is typically a matter of preference, with many limousine operators wanting to provide something different that will help them attract a broader spectrum of clients.
On one end of the spectrum lie vehicles that are meant to be high profile.  Beefed up sound systems, disco lights and floors, and a host of flashy options are meant to lure entertainers, rock stars, athletes and wedding or bachelor parties that do not want to be low key.  These vehicles are meant to attract attention and make a statement when you arrive.  These types of SUV Conversions are often stretched in excess of 250 inches.
On the other end, lie vehicles designed to be corporate and serve as a mobile office.  These types of conversions have a private jet feel and are typically more subtle, classy and functional.  Back seats may have footrests and other comfort features.  A range of office functionality is typically also included like computer hookups, WIFI connections, tables for doing work, footrests.  These conversions may have a minimized alcohol focus, although the option will be there, and are typically stretched only 65 to 100 inches.
“I just finished a vehicle for a large corporate client of mine that wanted something non-ostentatious to transport management to and from local events and business meetings.  We produced a vehicle that is comfortable, classy and provides all of the creature comforts and office tools they need.  But, we did this without attracting the type of attention that is more typically reserved for stars or people celebrating special events.  I’ve done SUV conversions that were very extreme when it comes to the flash and sizzle and I’ve done conversions like this recent one that are designed to provide office functionality with the feeling of richness through superior design and finish.  No matter what the need or desire, we can get it built!” said Rick Fugitt, owner of Gateway Coachworks.