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Industry Making Progressive Move to "Go Green"
June 1st, 2011 (Ft. Myers, FL) – Buses are going green!  With the obvious pressures of rising fuel costs and turmoil in the major oil producing nations, manufacturers of shuttle buses would be remiss if they did not provide greener options.  Whether you are looking for alternative fuel options like compressed natural gas (CNG) or propane, hybrids that get the best of both worlds, or all electric options, the future is looking very green.

Already on the market, major manufacturers like StarTrans have been providing alternative fuel options for many years.  Barriers to adoption do exist though.  Lack of access to propane and CNG fueling stations are obviously required.  “I’ve seen interest and I think there is a good fit for these products in larger markets.  Good examples are buses that operate around major airports.  The distribution networks for alternative fuels are much better developed in those areas.” said Rick Fugitt owner of Gateway Coachworks.

Krystal Koach is among bus manufacturers currently offering a Hybrid model.  Combining the benefits of gas with the fuel savings of the electric motor, Hybrids are a good option.  According to Rick Fugitt, “With new incentives and tax considerations, Hybrids are becoming more economically viable.  I think as time goes by and fuel costs continue to pressure the bottom line, and new technologies lessen the costs associated with Hybrid technology, we’ll see more adoption.”

Also on the horizon are electric buses. Similar to the automotive industry, the availability of electric buses depends heavily on the technology available to allow for the right mix of performance and battery life.  “This is an area under rapid development and I don’t think it will not be long until we see a viable all electric.  It’s an exciting time in this industry!” added Fugitt.

Current “green” options from StarTrans and Krystal can be found within the Buses section of this site.